The project is a portal site for location information and position measurement using wireless LAN.

The widespread of wireless LAN (WiFi) in the recent years have made location estimation and measurement using wireless LAN technically realizable. However, in order to actually realize WLAN-based location measurement in wide area, a survey of the wireless environment becomes essential.
Since our goal is to make the wireless LAN-based positioning system available all over Japan, we think that a collaborative data collection among a large number of users is highly required. We therefore built this portal and made both the collaborative data collection and the use of location information possible.
The Locky project is a gathering place for those who agree to this mission. Your participation is very essential for the realization of a WLAN positioning system in such a large scale. We really appreciate your cooperation.
The Goals
This website has the following 3 main goals:

  1. Collection of the location information and the wireless environment in Japan (and also abroad):
    The realization of a wireless LAN-based positioning system needs at least a prior survey of the wireless LAN environment. intends to realize that through the cooperation of its users.
  2. Provision of a client program for the WLAN positioning system Locky:
    We provide the "Locky client" that can estimate the device location based on collected WLAN location information from a large number of users.
  3. Development and provision of location-aware applied systems:
    The "Locky client" provides different type of information according to the location. is also aiming for the development of different location-aware applied systems.